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Look through bodyART media and learn about all of the new and innovative workouts available. Take advantage of the many classes taught by some of the finest leaders in fitness from around the world.

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Zen 2015 workouts

Feel the energy created by the over 600 people attending the Zen 2015 conference. You will feel like you are on stage with the finest bodyART educators from around the world. Be part of us and experience ZEN 2015.


Learn how to teach BAX by taking this innovative digital education course for BAX taught by Janni Gianakakis and Robert Steinbacher. At the end of this course you will understand the Yin and the Yang of BAX and how to teach the principles.

deepWORK (coming soon)

Learn how to teach the essentials of a deepWORK workout through this innovative multimedia digital course taught by the leaders of deepWORK including Robert Steinbacher, Julia Pryzbilka and Virgina Winseman.