About BAX®

BAX concentrates on coordination in functional training – with the aim to achieve an ideal enhancement for each target group and sport-type and thereby compensating the external for the internal. The philosophy of BAX combines efficiency and attentiveness with each other in a short period. So BAX is the first workout that trains the whole spectrum of the human body on the philosophy of Yin and Yang: externally and internally, physically and mentally.


Breathing is of utmost importance in BAX and is brought to the front, creating a synergy between physical and mental fitness which leads to performance enhancement. BAX is not only an appropriate exercise for athletes but it also provides an ideal introduction to performance training for both instructors and participants.

BAX for Consumers

Experience the brilliant teachings of the master educators of BAX in the comfort of your home. BAX classes will challenge you physically in a safe, enjoyable challenging workout. Whether you are an athlete of just starting to get in shape, BAX is for you.

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BAX for Professionals

Learn from the Developers and Master Educator for BAX, Robert Steinbacher and Janni Giannikakis as they take you through the complete BAX education Course ONLINE. This online education course will follow the manual used in LIVE education courses but now you will have the ability to learn all of the nuances of their teaching at your computer. You will have the ability to start and stop the lectures, video classes at your own pace, never missing important information. This will enhance your teaching and add another skill to your teaching.

The 30 minute workout is an innovative concept of high-intensity performance training (Yang) that combine with myo-fascial exercises (Yin). The high intensity side, Yang, focuses more on the external training like power while Yin focuses on the internal training of the muscles which includes myo-fascial.

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bodyART is one of the best things that happened with me in my life! It made me calm, chilled and relaxed, after every training I have the feeling that I don’t have to worry about anything and there is peace all around me. It has important physiological effect as well, since I’m exercising regularly I could forget about the pain in my back that was regular before...

~ Kata

The deepWORK is important to me, because I can work off the whole week’s stress, and I can replace my limits. All in all I realized my limits existed only because I’ve settled and maintained them. The deepWORK and bodyART makes me able to overcome these limits both physically and psychologically...

~ Tímea Borbély