bodyART is an intense, holistic, functional, whole body, transformative workout that combines strength, flexibility, cardio and breath work.  It is based on the Eastern principles of Yin and Yang and the 5 elements.

bodyART training creates a dynamic balance between activity and passivity, tension and release. It effects and balances each participant, in his or her individual needs while experiencing a vigorous yet energizing physical regiment. Classes consist of exercises unique to bodyART as well movement inspired by martial arts, yoga, physical therapy and classical conditioning. The result is a familiar and transformative experience for participants of all ages and fitness levels.

“Best International Concept”, bodyART is being hailed as the most progressive and effective fitness modality in the world.

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bodyART in your Home

Follow along with the finest Worldwide Educators of bodyART training right from the convenience of your own home. Allow them to take you through a variety of classes providing inspiration and new choreography on a regular schedule. bodyART ON DEMAND anytime, anywhere.

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deepWORK® is an intense, high cardio and high intensity interval training program with an added focus on endurance. It is bodyART® for those who love bootcamps, power lifting and the most intense levels of physical work. Along with cardio intervals, deepWORK® combines static and dynamic exercises, core training, plyometrics and breathing techniques that challenge the body and mind while maintaining the integrity of form, alignment and mindfulness.

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BAX by Robert Steinbacher and Janni Giannikakis

BAX® is an advanced, high performance training program designed for athletes. Based on the holistic principles of Yin and Yang and contrast training, BAX combines high intensity performance training with myofascial release exercises to enhance muscle elasticity while building endurance, speed, and power. BAX is the perfect modality for those athletes looking to build their explosive power without any added bulk or loss of mobility.

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Education for Professionals

Take advantage of the online professional programs, workshops, education courses for bodyART, deepWORK, and BAX programs. Follow along with the finest Worldwide Educators of bodyART training right from the convenience of your own home.

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bodyART is one of the best things that happened with me in my life! It made me calm, chilled and relaxed, after every training I have the feeling that I don’t have to worry about anything and there is peace all around me. It has important physiological effect as well, since I’m exercising regularly I could forget about the pain in my back that was regular before...

~ Kata

The deepWORK is important to me, because I can work off the whole week’s stress, and I can replace my limits. All in all I realized my limits existed only because I’ve settled and maintained them. The deepWORK and bodyART makes me able to overcome these limits both physically and psychologically...

~ Tímea Borbély