BAX Digital Learning System

This BAX Education package (6 hours) provides all of the content that is taught in the live BAX Certification Program, chapter-by-chapter taught by the Masters of BAX, Robert Steinbacher and Janni Giannikakis. Review, study and view all of the course work learned in the live BAX certification. Be able to pick up the nuances taught by the Masters. This is a simple cost effective process to learn a new and innovative education program. This will give you the ability to take your clients through a typical BAX 30 minute class and know how to progress and when to regress a client.

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Product Description

BAX Digital Learning System PDF Manual is available for download after purchase.

These video chapters will take you through a complete BAX education course. This will give you, the teacher, the ability to study, at your own pace and review all of the nuances taught by the master educators.

Modules (6 hours)

  • BAX Introduction to BAX
  • BAX Masterclass 45 min
  • BAX The Main Principles of Yin and Yang
  • BAX Breathing in BAX
  • BAX Constructing a Class
  • BAX Masterclass 30 min Upper Body
  • BAX Warm up
  • BAX Yang Phase 12 Exercises
  • BAX Consumer Class
  • BAX Why Myofacial in BAX
  • BAX Myofacial Theory
  • BAX Yin Phase
  • BAX Transition Movements
  • BAX Recovery Phase

BAX is an advanced performance training program that was created by Robert Steinbacher and is based on the holistic principle of Yin and Yang. The two opposing but mutually conditional forces must be in balance with each other according to the teaching of traditional Chinese medicine, so that the energy in the body can flow freely.

The 30 minute workout is an innovative concept of high-intensity performance training (Yang) that combine with myofascial exercises (Yin). The high intensity side, Yang, focuses more on the external training like power while Yin focuses on the internal training of the muscles which includes myofascial.

BAX concentrates on coordination in functional training – with the aim to achieve an ideal enhancement for each target group and sport-type and thereby compensating the external for the internal. The philosophy of BAX combines efficiency and attentiveness with each other in a short period. So BAX is the first workout that trains the whole spectrum of the human body on the philosophy of Yin and Yang: externally and internally, physically and mentally.

Breathing is of utmost importance in BAX and is brought to the front, creating a synergy between physical and mental fitness which leads to performance enhancement. BAX is not only an appropriate exercise for athletes but it also provides an ideal introduction to performance training for both instructors and participants.

BAX covers all the areas of fitness training from: personal training, group fitness and mental training. It brings together movement enthusiasts and open- minded people and trains them physically and mentally in an interesting new way regardless of their strengths and flexibility. The trainee is challenged to their personal limit, both internally and externally and sets new boundaries.


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