deepWORK Basic Certification

This package provides all of the content that is taught in the live Basic Certification Program, chapter-by-chapter, taught by the Masters of deepWORK.  Review, study and view all of the essential work learned in the live basic certification. Be able to pick up the nuances taught by the Masters. This is a necessary and invaluable tool for Instructors looking to add deepWORK classes to their repertoire and also to support and review all of the material taught in the live education courses.

Please note: All teachers can purchase both the deepWORK Basic and Advanced certifications. However, you will not be able to start the Advanced Course until the Basic Course is marked as “Complete” in your account.



Product Description

These video chapters support what is and was taught in the live Basic education for deepWORK. This will give you, the teacher, the ability to study, more in depth all of the material covered during the Basic Certification. Learn the nuances of the Master Educators. Review and Renew your understanding!


  • deepWORK Basic Lesson Plan 1
  • deepWORK Basic Lesson Plan 2
  • Background
  • Philosophy
  • Energy Phases – Related to 5 Elements
  • Energy Phase 1 – Theory & Practice
  • Energy Phase 2 – Theory & Practice
  • Energy Phase 3 – Theory & Practice
  • The meaning of Yin & Yang in General
  • Energy Phase 4 – Theory – Yin & Yang in deepWORK
  • Energy Phase 4 – Traditional according to Myofacial Lines
  • Energy Phase 4 Additional Exercises
  • Energy Phase 5 – Theory
  • Energy Phase 5 – Swinging Phase 2 – Cardio exercises
  • Energy Phase 5 – Swinging Phase 2 – Strength exercises
  • Energy Phase 6 & 7
  • deepWORK Core Control


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