deepWORK Instructor Advanced Certification

This package provides all of the more advanced work in deepWORK.  It is designed to be the next step after the deepWORK Basic Certifcation for the Instructor.  Learn new exercises, new transitions and new choreography. You will learn and be able to review all of the content as taught in a live program taught by the Masters of deepWORK.

Please note: All teachers can purchase both the deepWORK Basic and Advanced certifications. However, you will not be able to start the Advanced Course until the Basic Course is marked as “Complete” in your account.



$295.00 $99.00

Product Description

This digital program is exactly what is taught in the live deepWORK Certification program. It will allow the instructor to learn at their own pace and review and renew the understanding of the material. This will give you, the teacher, the ability to study, more in depth all of the material covered. Learn the nuances of the Master Educators.


  • Background & Differences
  • Energy Phase 1 – Theory & Practice
  • Energy Phase 2 – Theory & Practice
  • Energy Phase 3 – Theory & Practice
  • Energy Phase 4 – Theory (Crossworx)
  • Energy Phase 4 – Swinging Phase 1
  • Energy Phase 5 – Theory
  • Energy Phase 5 – Swinging Phase 2 – Practice Sequences
  • Energy Phase 5 – New functional Strength Exercises
  • Energy Phase 6 – Sprints (optional) – Theory
  • Energy Phase 6 & 7 – Theory & Practice


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